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Rodriguez High School Staff Appreciation/Adopt-A-Teacher Program

Show RHS teachers and staff how much we appreciate all they do for our students by adopting them for the school year.  Simply email us with the name of the teacher or staff member you would like to "adopt".  We will have them fill out an "About Me" questionnaire and get it to you.   Once a month you can show your appreciation with a note/card or small gift for your adopted staff member.  Either drop your gift in the office or have a student/friend deliver it for you.  It's fun to keep it a secret until the last month!  This is a fun & simple way to support our RHS staff and put smiles on their faces!

Pick a teacher or staff member to adopt and contact (You may adopt more than one teacher, but a teacher can only be adopted once.)

Sign-up to Adopt a Teacher

The “About Me” form will be e-mailed to you in a few days.  Put together a little something for your teacher once a month. Drop it by the office.

Some ideas could be as easy as a, “Thinking of You” card, flowers, favorite homemade treat or a holiday/birthday gift.

Please help us show how the Rodriguez High School community values all of our teachers and staff members.

At the end of the school year a Staff Dessert Social & Raffle is held, making it a great time to expose the identity of the secret benefactors. This  social is always exciting and full of surprises. If you would like to help plan the event please contact






















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